Customer Acquisition Cost remains the #1 problem for SaaS B2B companies

-David Skok


All SaaS companies that are succeeding will lose a lot of money!

What CAC does to your business

Upfront heavy investment to acquire the customer. Recover the cost and profits over a long period of time
Higher the CAC, greater is the time taken to come out of negative cash flow
The faster the business decides to grow, the bigger is the cash flow problem

Reduce your CAC with 7Targets

Allow AI Assistant to do all the heavy lifting


Engage 100% leads and increase sales productivity while reducing costs

Automate follow up processes to engage EVERY lead.
Our AI Sales Assistant handles responses herself till you get a meeting


AI Sales Assistant will contact human sales only for HOT leads

Filter out the unresponsive leads automatically


Natural language processing for 'out of office' responses

Our AI Sales Assistant analyses every response from every lead using Natural Language Processing. She understands terms such as ‘next week’, ‘next quarter’, ‘after 6 months’ and so on. Rest assured, our AI Assistant never forgets to followup!

Gives back time to sales for focusing on better closures

Our AI Assistant sends ONLY hot leads to sales. Mundane tasks such as lead engagement, lead classification, lead follow ups, ooo followups are best done by AI Sales assistant. Sales can now finally focus on sharpening their conversations, and closing more deals.

Our AI Sales Assistant at work

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