77% of the leads are dropped

How to FIX lead drop issue immediately?

How AI Sales Assistant helps


1. AI Sales Assistant engages 100% leads


2. Classifies leads into HOT| WARM| COLD


3. Processes ``Out of office`` responses and changes follow up dates

What you don't have to do

Never write a follow up email again

No need to specify when to follow up

No need to specify how many times to follow up

Allow AI Assistant to do all the heavy lifting

ROI of AI Sales Assistant

Saves upto 60% time for sales reps by automating follow ups allowing sales to focus efforts only on closures.

Even one sale from 400 leads can fetch you ROI

What they’re all saying

Gurkanwal Kalsi
CEO, Continuity1

“7Targets helped us revive and retarget hundreds of stale leads.”

Managing Partner, Excel IT Technologies

“AMC renewals need a disciplined follow up. 7Targets AI Assistant did exactly that and helped us win new AMC deals from unexpected pockets.”

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