Conversica vs 7Targets

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Conversica vs 7Targets

AI Sales Assistant or Virtual SDR are helping get the consistency and reliability in the Sales process. AI Sales Assistant market is growing and each product is taking its perspective to provide the value for their customer. Below are some important expectations one has from the AI Sales Assistant.

  • Ability to write and read emails
  • Based on the email response decide the conversational path
  • One user has multiple Assistants
  • Remind the Sales people too
  • Go hyper personalized in terms of email sending time
  • Pricing

Below is a honest attempt to compare Conversica and 7Targets AI Sales Assistant on above and few more attributes.

Ability to write and read emails

Assistant would be able to write focused first and the followup emails. Making sure of ~5 second read, to the point emails. Executive do not have much time, so the focus on to the point and small emails increases the readability. Assistant should be able to pick the right subject too.

Conversica is in this from sometime now, so surely has a matured AI model and process for this. 7Targets is not far behind too.
Almost all of our existing customers want to write there first emails themselves and many let the Assistant write the followup emails. The flexibility of letting user write there own custom message and pick the custom sequence of email for advanced user would possibly score at par if not above Conversica. Watch how AI Assistant Reads and Responds to Emails from Prospects.

Based on the email response decide the conversational path

7Targets AI Assistant’s AI model is able to detect Out of Office(OOO) almost all the time, with this the Assistant would be able to send the next email at the time when the lead is back to office. Beyond OOO, there are other important conversational capabilities to continue the conversation. No doubt, Conversica is matured in identifying correct intent in the email response, again because of the time they are working on this. 7Targets has taken a conscious approach of letting the human being respond back in case of leads response. The reason for taking this approach is to avoid accidental wrong emails in 2nd and 3rd level conversations. Finally AI is machine and can interpret wrong. 7Targets Assistant responds only when someone asks for brochure. 7Targets is continuously investing in improving the AI model to be able to identify more intents from the email responses. 7Targets AI Assistant ability to extract AI sense for you from the lead response gives you a possible phone number to reach out to and other email ids too, which score high.

One user has multiple Assistants

7Targets implemented this as a request from some of the existing customers. This gives sales an ability to create geography specific and Industry/Vertical specific Assistants, giving a better connect with the leads. Don’t see this in Conversica at the time of writing this blog.

Watch how many Assistants should one use.

Remind the Sales people too

7Targets customers requested for a feature where the Assistant should followup with the Sales people in case they forgot to respond back to a lead who responded. Conversica has this feature of identifying a Lead at Risk but reminding the sales about it is critical and allowing to mark it off or changing the frequency on each such lead scores high for 7Targets.

Go hyper personalized in terms of email sending time

Ability to understand the email reading timings and sending further followup emails is critical to getting the leads attention and possible response. 7Targets Assistant does come with this skill. Not sure of this functionality in Conversica at the time of writing this blog.

Watch how does AI Sales Assistant remind sales executives and ENSURES that they do not forget to respond.


Pricing would be on everybody mind. 7Targets Assistant comes at 1/10th the cost of a human being.


Some other important aspects and features:

Nurturing Table: Concept of Nurturing table and each assistant’s ability to have it own Industry specific Nurturing table gives the edge to the 7Targets Assistant. It is important to get a 100% problem area coverage for your target profile so that small bits of knowledge can be shared with the lead. This approach is proven to work well and get the lead engaged more. Yes one can have multiple assistants per user. Read more

Support: 7Targets being a startup, wants to make sure that customers get the value from the solution. Works closely with the customers to help them use the Assistant well. Help review the custom messages written. The instant support and customer focused backlog prioritization makes sure that customers get what they want.

Engaged and Warm leads: Getting a list of leads who are engaged and Warm would help the Sales team prioritize on whom to call. There by improving the calling metrics. Read more

Notifications: WhatsApp notifications for the Hot and Warm lead gives the Sales person an opportunity to call the lead instantly. There is good research from best universities and experts in the area which says that if you are able to talk to someone within 5 mins of that person engaged with your content, the chances of further communication increases substantially.

Intelli upload of Excel File: One expects the physical Assistant to extract data from an excel file and then write emails. 7Targets AI Sales Assistant tries to provide this functionality. Read More


Honestly, it is very difficult to pick out one. Better to leave it to your judgment based on various aspects compared above. Feel free to sign-up at and give a try.

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