What to do when my emails are Opened but leads are not responding

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What to do when my emails are Opened but leads are not responding

After reading emails (good warm rate), if leads did not respond, you may want to try below:

Things to check and try

Confirm if the target profile is right.

If targets profile is right, but still not responding, then improve the email message quality. Try few options to find out which one is clicking.

Message seems good too.

If target profile is right & message seems good, there may be no urgency. Give irresistible offers, show ROI clearly.

Urgency too Exists in the messages.

If target profile is right, msg is good, urgency exists, then increase company reliability with better success stories. Use photos, testimonials, videos, etc

Increase Company reliability.

If company seems reliable and stable with multiple success stories, then competition in this area maybe high.

For you to get your market share may mean you have to displace someone else. It may not been a greenfield selling.

This results in higher sales cycles and omni-channel outreach.

Use competition comparison reports. Choose a competitor who is weaker than you, but has better brand. Add more features if required to improve your solution/services.

Take on the search on that competition on google keywords, drive that traffic that has intent to your site that has competitive report.

Capture email to download comprehensive report. Make it a gated content. Can use Doculens to create gated content.

And followup that captured email address with assistant.

7Targets Assistant

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Feel free to sign-up and give it a try. Or simply book a meeting with us to know more.

Sanju is a serial entrepreneur. 2 decades of experience. Loves automating stuff. Recent obsession is around adding intelligence in marketing and sales solutions. He is currently focusing on a simple but very important problem of figuring out the best ways to intelligently respond to leads on time (not too fast, and not too late) to help get a meeting. His new mission is ‘Personalisation at scale for all at reasonably low cost’. Background: Developer. Founded and sold Opex Software/REAN cloud to Hitachi Vantara. Was lucky to be a contributor in the $950m DoD Cloud deal (pre JEDI deal).


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