Add Multiple Leads

Lead can be from various sources and can have different context too. Based on the source and the context of the lead, the Assistant writes short and simple emails to the lead.

Add Multiple Leads

To add multiple leads, provide an excel sheet in the format specified in sample excel. Each row would represent one lead and the first row is the title row.

Intelli Import is a feature where Assistant will try and read the excel in your existing format, to save you the hassle of converting it to the expected format.

Once you provide the Lead Source, Context and More information, review the emails written by the assistant and the email sequence. Change the sequence, if required.

Click on Add Lead. Assistant will start validating each row, and will add the valid leads. Finally Assistant will notify you of the status on email.

Note that if the lead first and last name is not in Proper case then Assistant will convert it to a Proper case. e.g. if name is all capital like SANJU then Assistant will change it to Sanju.

You can look at the status by going to the “Upload History” page.
Clicking the valid and invalid counts will download an excel with the respective leads. Invalid leads file will have the reason too.
Clicking on the Added count will take you the lead list of those leads added from that specific excel file.

Lead once added can not be deleted.

Additional Information

Additional information is intended to provide more context and details to the lead about your company offerings. Assistant will use this information in emails.


While adding leads,the emails can be seen in the email preview. These emails are as per the selected Sequence.

Default sequence for the Assistant is selected, while you can change the sequence before adding leads. Change of sequence will also change the emails for you to review.

Custom Email Subject

Assistant will generate the relevant email subject. This can be overwritten too, though we recommend to use the AI generated Subjects.

You can edit the Subject while adding the leads from the 7Targets UI. Click the More button in the email preview to see the To, Cc and Subject fields for you to type your own values. If you are using a custom message in a custom sequence, we recommend to have your Custom subject in the Custom message itself.

Assistant will use the same Subject line for each followup email, so that the all the emails are grouped together for the viewer. If you intend to have different subjects for each followup email then you will have to use custom message and each custom message in the sequence can have different custom subject too.

Like Subject, the email body can be changed too. We recommend to create a custom message in a custom sequence if you intend to write your own message instead of editing the message at the time of adding leads. One important best practice to follow while creating your own custom message is to have small 5 seconds reading emails on hand-held devices.

With the intention to keep the emails light, attachments are not possible. While you can add an image to your emails, it is recommended to avoid adding multiple images to keep it small and quick read.

Note that Assistant will keep the first email in all the followup emails so that the Context is maintained. Even if the lead reads one of the followup emails, the context is there for the lead.

Ways to Assign Lead

Leads can be added or assigned to the Assistant in multiple ways:

  • Add one lead at a time from 7Targets UI
  • Add multiple leads from 7Targets UI by uploading an excel file
  • Copy or Cc your Assistant in the email you are sending to a lead. Have to enable this feature in Edit Assistant
  • If you are integrated with CRM, then assign the Lead/Contact from CRM to the Assistant User in CRM

Upload Status

Meaning of different status values for the uploaded file is as below

UPLOADED : File is uploaded successfully.
VALIDATING : File is being validated.
VALIDATED : Validation is complete. Leads will/can be added.
ADDING : Leads are being added.
COMPLETED : Uploaded file processing is completed.
CANCELLED : Uploaded file processing is cancelled. FAILED : : Uploaded file processing failed. NAME_EMAIL_MATCH_FAILED : Found more than 50% name email mismatched. Name email mismatched details
FULL_NAMES_FOUND : Found column with full name instead of first and last name separate columns in the file.
QUEUED : Uploaded file processing is in Queue.
NO_VALID_LEADS_FOUND : Uploaded file does not contains any valid leads.

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