Every contact needs nurturing. Nurturing information needs to be relevant to the reader. If relevant success stories, relevant testimonials, relevant solutions are sent to a lead, you get higher and higher engagement. For this, we create a ‘Nurture table’.

Nurture Table is knowledge given to the Assistant to be used in emails written to leads so as to connect with the lead’s problem area better.

It is important to provide vertical specific knowledge in bit size information to the lead to invoke the interest and get the lead engaged. Each row in the nurturing table presents a bit size information that you want to share with your leads.

Assistant will add one row at a time in PS section of the email sent by the assistant.


Nurture table gives you an opportunity to get a 100% problem area coverage for your leads. Each lead may get engaged with some specific problem area.

Your customer success stories, data sheets, ROI sheets, videos, etc can become part of the nurturing table.

Some best practices around nurturing table are:

  • Each nurturing line is to give bit size valuable information to your lead
  • Do not use links from URL Shortener. It increases the chances of getting in SPAM
  • Do not put more than one link in one Nurturing line
  • Do not have more than 12-15 words in one line
  • Use simple words
  • Use a https:// URL
  • Make sure that the URL used is valid and is working

Assistant suggests Nurture lines

It is at times difficult to search and decide what to use for Nurture line.
Assistant Nurture line Suggestion feature can be used to solve this.


  • reads the provided website
  • searches testimonials and videos
  • looks for success stories
  • extract and format the Nurture lines
  • and then append to the Nurture table

The suggested text/line could have possible text errors, so edit/remove after going through those suggestions and then save. Those lines are just suggestions from your Assistant with an intent to save you some valuable time.

Nurturing Approach

How the assistant approaches the Lead Nurturing?
Some fine points to note what the Assistant does for proper Nurturing.

  • Assistant will try and optimize the time to send the emails based on the time the email is typically read by the lead.
  • Assistant will not send the email when the lead is Out of Office. Assistant can read and understand the Out of office emails and changes the next email send time appropriately to avoid sending any emails when the lead is Out of office
  • Assistant will write small emails and add one of the success stories, testimonials, etc from the Nurturing Table in the email as PS: section
  • Assistant can put the Cold/Warm and Processed leads on Long Term Nurturing. The sequence to use for this Long Term Nurturing is configurable via Preferences.

Copy to Assistant

Ability to copy an existing Nurturing table from one assistant to another is available on the Nurture page. On click of Copy to Assistant button you would be presented with list of assistant to pick from.
The copied Nurturing table rows would be added to the selected Assistant’s Nurturing table.

Questions answered

  • Why do I use Nurture Table ?
  • What to write in Nurture table and in what order ?
  • Can I put a lead on long term nurturing after the initial nurturing is completed ?


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