How is context and more info being used and the purpose of it ?

Context is your offering. More info is your marketing line.

If you are using custom subject lines and custom emails, then these are not used. Only when assistant generates the subject and email content it uses it.

You can provide the value for Context and More Info while adding the leads and if not provided then the default for that assistant is used. So the default value for these at Assistant are required and important.



If you havent created a subject line for your custom email message, then context is used to create different subject lines.

Actually, all 3 variables are used to create subject lines: assistant name, company name, context. eg. if Ishita is your assistant selling CyberSecurity (context), subject lines can be:

  1. Ishita: About CyberSecurity
  2. Ishita from RiskSek: About CyberSecurity
  3. About CyberSecurity
  4. CyberSecurity from RiskSek

And there are many other subject lines suggested by many Hubspot, salesforce blogs that are good subject lines.

Any of them are used at run time.

More Info

About More information.
It is used in followup emails if you are not using custom emails for followups.

Its a line added before the ‘Call to Action’ line.

Eg. [More information] We have helped Ather, Bajaj, TVS and many more EVs in CyberSecurity to prevent vehicles getting controlled remotely.
[CTA line] Would you like to get on a call to learn more?

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