How to Avoid Dropping Leads After Meetings?

  1. Tag all leads you had meetings with last year and put them in the ‘Post Meeting follow-up sequence’. This will ensure that you don’t let these leads go cold and always keep in touch with them.

  2. Once the ‘Post Meeting follow-up sequence’ is over, set the assistant to switch to ‘Long Term Lead Nurturing’ in Assistant->Preferences to continue keeping in touch with them.

  3. To achieve this, the first key thing that needs to be fixed is ‘Active Lead count’. Put all leads in some sequence.

  4. If you have a set of leads in mind whom you would like to send a specific message (or a set of emails) to, make sure to set it up.

  5. Strategize and ask yourself the following questions every few weeks when looking at a few hundred leads on your table:

Which messaging may help these leads to be aware of your services? [AWARENESS stage]

Which messaging may help these leads to consider your services? Have you built enough credibility?

BUILD CREDIBILITY messages are hardest. Simply keep sending real examples every few weeks. No need to sell here. Simply build credibility. If you don’t have a relationship with a lead, the second-best option to earn enough trust to get a meeting is by building credibility on the ground.

  1. This will help increase your chances to get into the [CONSIDERATION stage].

  2. The hardest stage to execute manually is the [CONSIDERATION stage]. This is where lead nurturing helps.



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