How to enable Long Term Nurturing of leads?

Long-term lead nurturing in sales is vital for enabling timely pitches, educating leads etc. Following are the steps on how to set preference for an Assistant to automatically pick a lead and put on a long term sequence when present sequence followup emails are sent completely and no responses are received.

  1. Create a Long Term Nurturing sequence for your leads according to the specific time intervals after which you want to send the emails to your leads for nurturing.

  2. Next you need to go to Preferences section of your Assistant(s).In the column When leads are processed and no response received then put on below sequence select the correct sequence which you have created in Step 1 for Long Term Nurturing. Click on Save. Long term Nurturing

  3. Once you set the above preferences, the leads whether they are warm or engaged or which have been processed and no response is received ,such leads will automatically be put in a long term nurturing sequence and followups would be initiated.



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