How to learn more about warm leads? OR How to find more information about warm leads ?

There are 3 buttons available for each lead. Website of the lead, LinkedIn connect search, jobs open at that company.
These are just hints to quickly learn more about the lead.


  • From the website, you get basic idea of what the company does.
  • From LinkedIn connect, you know what that person does in that company,
  • From open jobs, you know where that company has committed to spend there budget.

Using this, you should write one personalized email to warm lead to double the chance of response. Because you already know that 90% chance is that the person is going to read the next email.

If you do not do anything to warm leads, the assistant will continue to send normal generic emails to get a response. But that will have a normal chance of getting a response, not double the chance.

Its not recommended to write custom emails for every cold lead, because it is time consuming. The assistant helps you to prioritize which 15-20% leads you should spend more time.



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