How to Process Warm Leads

After you have uploaded the leads and the follow-up has started, you’ll see few leads marked as ‘Warm Leads’. The warms leads are the ones who have opened your emails more than 3 times. Some have also clicked on certain links. It shows that they are interested in your product.

These are the leads that have highest chance of conversion if you follow-up promptly.

In 7Targets, we have a feature, when a lead opens your email for the third time (or higher), you’ll receive a notification on WhatsApp message and a mail within 5 minutes. This helps you to act on that lead quickly.

Below is the explanation of how you can act upon these warm leads.

Step 1

Sign in to your account. You’ll be landed on the ‘Dashboard’.


Step 2

When you scroll down, you’ll see the count of warm leads. These are the leads you need to process.

Click on the ‘Warm Leads’ as highlighted below.


You’ll be directed to this page. It is the list of all the warm leads.

Click on one of the leads you want to first act upon.


Step 3

Here, the ‘Two Ticks’ denotes that the email is opened by the receiver. And the ‘Link’ icon means that receiver has clicked on one of the links in that email.

As you can see the leads have opened the email for the third time, it will be marked as warm and notification will be sent to your WhatsApp and on Email.


Step 4

These are the messages sent on WhatsApp and on mail that a lead has been marked as warm. Along with this, you also receive information such as the lead’s name, email id, location, time at which it was marked as warm.

Click on the ‘solution.7targets…’ link.



Step 5

You will be directed to this page.

Once you know that the lead is warm, you need to understand a little bit about them and their background so that you can contact them in a more personalized way.

As highlighted below, if you click on the ‘World’ icon, it will take you to the lead’s website.

Similarly, if clicked on the ‘in’ icon, it will take you to the browser where generally 1st link is to the lead’s LinkedIn profile.

And when you click on the ‘Case’ icon, you can know if they are hiring someone.

This saves a lot of time spent on searching the information of the lead.

Now, you have gathered pretty much information about the person and his background in just a few clicks.



You need to click on the LinkedIn icon of these warm leads and connect with them on LinkedIn and send a small note to them.

They are seeing HireDNA on email. They are opening your email. We need them to see your LinkedIn profile. So that the next email possibly seems familiar to them.

You will get another warm lead notification for the same lead. Thats when you should send a second followup note on LinkedIn to them.

Basically, manual LinkedIn followups need to happen in tandem with email outreach for omnichannel outreach.

More than 30% conversions happen via LinkedIn. Email shows some aspect of your company. But LinkedIn shows 5x more info with your pinned articles.

Step 6

Click on the ‘Message’ button.


Now click on the ‘Email (Name of the lead)’ button.


Step 7

Here, you can write personalized message based on what you just studied, and the background of the lead.

It also shows the optimized time to send the email.


If the ‘optimum time of the day’ has already passed, then the date suggested will show ‘Next day: Optimal Time’.

Step 8

To sequence the email on the suggested optimized time, click on the ‘Drop Down’ arrow.


Now, select the ‘Send Later’ option.


Click on the ‘Schedule Email’ button.


The optimised time will be pre-selected, just click on the ‘Yes’ button.


Step 9

Now to check if the email is scheduled or not:

  1. Copy the name for the lead

  2. Click on the ‘Leads’ tab at the top


  1. Paste the name in the search field.

Here, you can see that the mail written by you is scheduled at the optimized date and time.


Step 10

Acting upon the warm leads at the proper time with a personalized message increases the chances of getting a reply from the lead. You can click on the website icon and the LinkedIn icon to get some personal information about the lead and the company and write that personalized next message.

If you see more and more warm leads from a particular sector, think of creating a special sequence for them. eg. Nurturing healthcare clinics in NY.
Such a specific nurturing sequence will have examples of other NY customers that will resonate with the reader. Everyone loves it when RELEVANT info is sent.

Generic nurturing sequence might have success stories of similar companies, but they maybe far from NY, or the size maybe different or the industry maybe different. Nearby competitors success stories can create a FOMO effect as well, if your offerings are valuable and helping competitors.
Hence creating a focused nurturing sequences for warm lead categories will help. No need to create all messages before hand. Create them only when you see more warm leads showing interest from a particular sector/region.

With the help of 7Targets, you can easily do this within just a few steps.

What actions to take outside of 7Targets? Below are some examples:

  1. Comment on some of the shares for a few times consistently. Make sure comment is valuable and interesting enough for the person to notice you.
  2. Follow the lead so you can get notified whenever he/she comments or posts.
  3. Find out shortest connection path with the lead that can be led by introductions. People are generally more than happy to introduce. Provide a ready made text for intro, so the introducer does not have to waste time, and along the way you are also making your offering aware to one more person! This can itself lead to a new reference which you yourself may not be aware of.
  4. Find open positions in the company in Linkedin or job site to check what is budgeted. This will provide additional ammo for a better personalized email to warm leads. This cannot be done for all, because it takes time, but its worth doing it for warm leads.
  5. Connect to others who are either reporting to the lead or who maybe the leads boss. Use same email signature pattern to guess a email address and start connecting with them as well.

In short, any actions that helps to track the buying signals and purchase intents of the warm lead needs to be looked into.

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