How to see What Happened to the Uploaded Leads

Once you have uploaded the multiple lists of leads from various sources in 7Targets, the AI sales assistant will take care of all the leads until they respond.

But if you want to know about the leads from a particular file, how many leads were there, how many were actually added, why other leads are not added etc.

It gives you a clear insight into each file that is uploaded.

You can find out all the information about the leads by following the below steps.

Step 1

Sign in to your account.

Go to the ‘Leads’ tab.


Step 2

Click on the ‘More’ button.


Select the ‘Multiple Lead Uploads’ option.


Step 3

This is the list of all the uploaded files containing details of the leads.

The ‘Multiple Leads’ table shows -

  1. File Name: Name of the uploaded file.
  2. Total Leads: Shows the total number of leads present in the file.
  3. Not Added: Number leads that were not added
  4. Added: Number of leads that were added
  5. Duplicate: The number of leads who already exist in other files
  6. Assistant: The leads inside the file are assigned to this assistant.
  7. Date: Date on which the file was uploaded
  8. Status: Status of the file. If it is completed, in progress or failed.
  9. Actions: Action needed to be taken.


Step 4

  1. File Name

If you click on the name of the file in the ‘Multiple Leads’ table. The original file with all the leads will be downloaded.

An example is shown below.


Step 5

  1. Not Added

If you click on the ‘Not Added’ value of the corresponding ‘File Name’, a file will be downloaded with reason why these leads were not added.

Below you can see the highlighted text that gives explanations of not adding the lead.

Here, ‘Lead in the exclusion list’ means that the domain of that particular lead is excluded. The reason to exclude a domain can be the company is already a customer and you don’t want to follow-up them with initial messages.


To see the list of excluded domains, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the ‘Assistant’ tab.


  • Go to the assistant for whom you want to check the excluded list, and click on the icon shown in the image below.


This is the list of emails or domains to which emails will not be sent.


Step 6

  1. Added

If you click on the ‘Added’ value of a corresponding ‘File Name’, you will be directed to the list of leads added and acted upon by the AI sales assistant.

It also shows the details of the leads along with the timeline.

  1. Duplicate

It shows the count of duplicate leads. If you click on that count, it shows all those duplicate leads.

These duplicate leads could have been added from different files.

Listing all of them together and taking some action like send a broadcast or restart on a particular sequence would be difficult. Thus we have a one-click way of getting to all those duplicate leads for the user.

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