How to Cancel or Stop Followup for Leads

There are many scenarios where you may not want to just stop the followup for some leads. Use ther action called “Stop Followup” for the selected leads. This action will not do anything else than just stopping the Followup.
You can Continue Followup for these leads later if that need arises and it will continue from the followup where it was stopped.

Follow these simple steps to Stop Followup for leads.


After signing in your account, click on the Leads menu to see you lead list.



You can search for the lead you want to stop followup. Click on More and Stop Followup.


After Stop followup action, you could note that the Next Followup values shows “No Followup Scheduled”, as in below image.



You can select multiple leads and get to Stop Followup action from More Actions. Provide the note and confirm the action. It takes few mins for this action to complete depending on number of leads selected. image

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