How to view the total number of emails opened in any month, rather than just the total number of engaged leads?

This guide equips you with the steps needed to filter and analyze email engagement metrics exclusively for the specified month.

Accessing “Engaged” and “Warm” Counts

The “Engaged” count reflects the number of leads who have opened emails. For a more comprehensive view, the “Warm” count encompasses leads who have opened three or more emails.

Viewing Month’s Data

To narrow down your focus to Month’s statistics, leverage the filter option on your dashboard. Select the date range from 1st of the month to the month’s end. This action ensures that the data displayed pertains exclusively to the month you want.

Interpretation of “Engaged” Count

The “Engaged” count encapsulates the total emails opened and the number of leads who have interacted with your content. This metric aids in comprehending lead engagement levels. Reports are also available for leads who have opened at least one email and those who have engaged with multiple emails.

By following these steps, you can precisely gauge the extent of email engagement during any month, gaining insights beyond the engagement count to enrich your analytical perspective.



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