What to do after I get a response from the lead ?

After you get a response, Assistant will forward you that response email thread along with a URL to get to that specific lead in 7Targets. Below are the possible options after you receive a response from a lead.


  1. Introduce yourself (or more people)) using the Introduce Me action. This is more appropriate to do if the next steps are to be done by a human. For e.g. setting up a meeting.


  2. Reply back to the lead as Assistant using Reply action. This action is more appropriate in scenarios where lead asked for some specific things that assistant may not be able to provide automatically. You may decide to cc yourself in this Reply.


  3. In case your name and assistants name is same, use the email which the Assistant forwarded you to respond directly to the lead from your email client. Do not copy the Assistant in this reply to the lead, because the assistants job of getting a response from the lead is done.


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