Have your AI Assistant do all the heavy lifting

% Lead processed
% Increase in Leads processed
% Increase in meetings
% Increase in conversion ratio

Get onboard with 3 simple steps


1. Select and name Assistant

All assistants are smart, consistent, always available and have excellent grammatical written skills. Based on your need, select one from Business Development Assistant, Sales Assistant, Upsell Assistant, AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Assistant and more.


2. Add leads. Watch AI Assistant send emails and classify HOT | WARM | COLD leads

Enter just the name and email address of the lead. No need to spend time writing good quality emails. The AI Assistant engages 100% leads @scale with automated email generation. All emails are different. No leads are dropped. No leads are delayed. No leaves. Works across timezones and processes EVERY lead.


3. AI Assistant sends ONLY HOT leads to Sales

The assistant classifies 100% of the leads within 3-4 weeks into COLD | WARM | HOT leads. Alerts sales ONLY when a lead is HOT. Reminds sales if a HOT lead is AT RISK if not connected on time. Filter out unresponsive, bad leads without wasting a second of sales or inside sales teams.

Fully dedicated to creating the best lead nurturing solutions

Leads who may be ‘out of office’ are processed using our OOO machine learning model. If a lead is returning after 2 weeks or after a long leave of absence, our AI assistant diligently follows up after the lead returns.

If a lead is busy and requests to followup next quarter, your AI assistant patiently waits till end of quarter and then follows up without fail. We engage 100% leads and double the number of meetings to improve sales pipeline.

Be the best in Lead Nurturing

Be good at Lead generation, but be great at Lead Nurturing


Never drop a lead again

It takes a lot of effort to convert strangers and website visitors into Leads. Do not allow them to fall through the cracks.


Engage 100% leads

Even if most of the 'T-shirt collector' leads are unlikely to convert, they did come to your booth and/or downloaded content from your website. Ensure EVERY lead is processed


Analyse EVERY response and learn

Analyse every response from every lead. Learn from each response. Improve continuously with new insights. AI Sales Assistant never forgets to learn.


AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) Assistant

No need to remember AMC renewal dates now. Diligently follow up on time without fail just before a competitor is going to renew his AMC. The AMC AI Assistant remembers it all.


WhatsApp Follow-up AI Assistant

Too many leads to followup on WhatsApp? Want to remind each lead personally with a certain message? Try the WhatsApp Follow-up AI Assistant that keeps all leads warm and updated.


AI Ratings Management Assistant

Nobody visits places or restaurants that is rated 3 stars or below. Business runs on star ratings today. Try our AI Ratings management assistant to ensure you are reminded on time inspite of your busy schedule.

Simple affordable pricing. Takes less than 3 minutes to get started!
  • Automated Email Writing
  • ML Model for 'out of office' processing
  • Natural Language Processing for Lead Responses
  • 400 Leads per month1 Assistant
  • One Assistant
  • Zero grammatical mistakes
  • Allowed to name your Assistant
You can try the AI Assistant now!

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