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7Targets AI Sales Assistant packs lead engagement and nurturing capabilities into Sales. Assistant focuses on Lead Nurturing to convert cold leads to warm and HOT. This helps to double lead engagement and standardize follow-ups mimicking your strongest sales executive. Assistant writes and reads emails like a Human making her a highly reliable Sales team member. Connect HOT leads with your sales team now!.

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Team 7Targets

Our team is made up of dedicated, encouraging and experienced executives. As individuals, each member of our team is driven by a passion for creating the best solutions possible.

Leadership Team



Sanju is a serial entrepreneur with 2 decades of experience. Loves automating stuff. Recent obsession is around adding intelligence in marketing and sales solutions. He is currently focusing on a simple but very important problem of making sure that sales leads never get dropped due to missed follow-ups. His new mission is Deliver 2x HOT and Warm leads to Sales at 1/10th cost
Background: Founded Opex Software/REAN cloud, successful exit to Hitachi Vantara. Amazing CloudTech helped win the $950m Dept of Defense Cloud deal.



Gunanand (aka GG) loves creating products and solutions, solve real life problems. Focused on product lead growth while using growth marketing via various experiments. Presently focused on creating strategic solutions in Sales and Marketing domain with optimal use of AI/ML technology.
Background: Infrastructure, Cloud, Application Monitoring, Event Management, Root Causal Analysis, BSM integrations, Big Data Analytics.

Key Team members

Abdul Khader

Head of Sales

Sanket Gargate

Software Engineer

S M Afrid

Software Engineer

Deepali Nikam

Software Engineer

Poorva Gajbhiye

Marketing Analyst

Shakshi Agrawal

Software Engineer

Our AI Sales Assistants Team


Business Development Assistant

Focused on 100k recruitment company founders worldwide, Her goal is to get $1m next year with $0 bonus expectations. Well, a facelift wouldn't hurt. Her dream is to create success stories automatically and explain them to upcoming prospects.


Business Development Assistant

Has achieved efficiency in reaching out to Marketing agencies in North America. Is extremely repeatable with 100% non-graphic memory.


Business Development Assistant

Expert in reaching out to mid-size IT Services companies in the USA. Knowledge of 100+ IT Accounts from the past few years. Born in 2019

Adam Grant

Business Development Assistant

Although being new to 7Targets, Adam hit the ground running closing 3 deals within the first month. When Adam is not working, you can find him checking your website for broken links. His newest hobby is auditing websites.


Onboarding Executive

She is highly sophisticated that helps to onboard all new users. She watches the user behavior of 7Target's users. And intelligently sends the right pieces of information to ensure handholding happens smoothly. If you have a SaaS product, she can help your onboarding initiatives as well. Without having to poach her!

Emma Margaret

Business Development Assistant

Steal deal, partner material. Getting a 50% open rate from Emma. Works 24x7 without any complaints. She tries to automatically find new success stories from the 7Targets website so she can use them to convince prospects. She has spearheaded the UK market with her buddy, Adam.