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AI assistant automatically follows up with all your leads to convert more leads into Hot leads so that you can focus on closing more deals.

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What AI Assistant can do?

1. Assistant “reads, understands and responds” like a human
You never drop a lead
2. Assistant writes
"human-like” emails and follows-up too
You never drop a lead
3. Assistant follow-ups sales,“ ensures lead is not @risk”
You never drop a lead

Watch 7Targets AI Assistant
in Action

Skills of your Human-like AI Sales Assistant

PRE-EVENT Registrations

Build interest and drive leads to your presence in the Booth in conference, Trade shows, Webinar, Demos, etc

POST EVENT Engagement

Connect with the leads from an event to provide the details and get a qualified lead. 

ACTIVATE Old Contacts

Initiate communication with a prospect who has not been respondinig from a long time but showed some interest.

NURTURE Unresponsive Leads

Refresh and stay on top of the mind with prospects who showed interest recently. Communicated too, but got dropped.

REVIVE Old Customers

Customers lost in last few months to an year can be nurtured to get a meeting and a demo. 


Leads going cold after meetings and demo, possibly after proposal submission too. Can be followed up for further process to try and WIN. 

With AI Sales Assistant

You never drop a lead

Our AI Sales Assistant analyses every response from every lead using Natural Language Processing. She understands terms such as ‘next week,’ ‘next quarter,’ ‘after six months’, and so on. Rest assured; our AI Assistant never forgets to followup!

You never drop a lead
You convert more opportunities

Our AI Assistant sends ONLY hot leads to sales. Mundane tasks such as lead engagement, lead nurturing, lead classification, lead follow-ups, ooo followups are best done by AI Sales assistant. Sales can now finally focus on sharpening their conversations and closing more deals.

You convert more opportunities
Your CRM is always organized

AI assistant always stays in sync with your CRM, updating every minute details so that you can have a clear view of your sales funnel.

You convert more opportunities

ROI of AI Sales Assistant

Human-like sales assistant saves upto 60% time for sales reps. She does all follow-ups allowing sales to focus effort on closing deals. This itself pays off for the assistant.

Even ONE additional sale from 'anyway ignored' leads is a BONUS

No credit card. Cancel anytime.

AI Sales Assistant focuses on Lead Nurturing to convert Cold leads to Warm & Hot.

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