77% of your leads are dropped today. How to fix this issue?

How AI Sales Assistant helps

1. AI Sales Assistant Engages 100% Leads

2. Classifies leads into HOT | WARM | COLD

3. Processes "Out of office" responses and changes follow up dates accordingly

What you DON'T have to do

Never write a follow up email again

No need to specify when to follow up

No need to specify how many times to follow up

ROI of AI Sales Assistant

Human-like sales assistant saves upto 60% time for sales reps. She does all follow-ups allowing sales to focus effort on closing deals. This itself pays off for the assistant.

Even ONE additional sale from 'anyway ignored' leads is a BONUS

Experience it yourself

Choose a few leads, Assign them to your new assistant & Watch how she starts following up.

No credit card required.

Money back guarantee if unsatisfied.

Allow AI Sales assistant to add leads to your pipeline. You focus on deal closures.