7Targets AI Sales Assistant packs lead engagement and nurturing capabilities into Sales. Assistant focuses on Lead Nurturing to convert cold leads to warm and HOT. This helps to double lead engagement and standardize follow-ups mimicking your strongest sales executive. Assistant writes and reads emails like a Human making her a highly reliable Sales team member. Connect HOT leads with your sales team now!.

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How AI Sales Assistant for Recruitment and Staffing Companies Work?

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Some of our Valued Customers!

What Our Customers Say?

Bhagyesh Shinde

In April 2020 alone, I made more revenue than the previous 12 months combined.

Irfan Lohiya

In the first 60 days working with 7Targets, over $110,000 in new revenue.


Consistently we have been getting 10 good quality leads every month! 7Targets rocks!

Rashesh Doshi

14 New clients in first 3 months with 7Targets! Never imagined I would get responses on 5th and 6th follow-ups

Rohan Thorat

I got 7 responses in 15 days. Already closed 3 deals. Thanks to AI Assistants. Followups makes a difference

Zeenath Kuraisha

Wow! What a fabulous tool. We will be adding 7Targets to our Sales Education AI course curriculum.


After Zoho, we send the most difficult leads into 7Targets. And wonder how AI Assistants manage to get such a high open rate from the same set of leads!

Satish Parjapati

My experience with this tool was quite good, it is good for following up on a lead through the mail so that the sales team should be busy only with hot leads.

Get 4X Returns in First 3 Months

How are Recruitment & Staffing Companies are using AI Sales Assistants?

<b>How are <font color=#28d497>Recruitment & Staffing Companies</font> are using AI Sales Assistants?</b>

Connect with NEW HR Heads

Connect with NEW HR heads of various companies at scale to get empanelled and increase client base, have candidates sent to multiple clients

Activate EXISTING customers

Activate EXISTING customers who have gone stale and are no longer providing new positions actively. This is the lowest hanging fruit where you see ‘instant results’ using AI Assistants

Automatically CLEAN UP emails

Automatically CLEAN UP emails, SEND BROCHURES within 5mins if asked, reschedule next email automatically for 'OUT-OF-OFFICE' messages & 'CHECK BACK LATER' messages

Is this Valuable for you?

AI-Powered subject lines for High Open Rate

Subject line machine learning model delivers impeccable high open-rates.

AI-Powered send time optimization for High Open Rate

Your AI assistant optimizes the time at which Email should be sent so you get a high open-rate.

Out of Office Follow-ups

The assistant schedules the Emails considering the availability of leads and follows up resulting in more responses.

Auto Email Address Validations

Your AI assistant validates the Email addresses before sending. No need to allocate time for 'Cleanup Email Lists' activities going forward.

Auto categorization of Warm and HOT leads

All the leads are automatically grouped into Cold, Warm and Hot so that you can focus on only Hot Leads saving you 90% time in pipeline generation activity.

'Lead-At-Risk' reminders to sales team

Reminders are sent to you that lead is at risk and might get dropped so you can take actions.

What to expect in 1 Month? Results from some of the AI Assistant's in one month

<b>What to expect in <font color=#28d497>1 Month?</font></b> Results from some of the AI Assistant's in one month

Amruta Assistant has classified 424 leads into Hot, Warm and Cold

  • Leads that you can safely ignore (90%+). Do not spend even a single minute of human time on them.
  • Leads where humans can focus their energy and try closing those deals

Amruta Assistant has prioritized leads as well

3.9% Hot | 13.3% Warm | 4.4% Leads at risk

  • Apart from responded leads, assistant separated out leads that are Warm (those who read more than 3 emails).
  • Your calling team can visually see which emails were read at what time by whom, and call only the Warm leads who are now aware of your offerings (as opposed to Cold calling).

What our customers say

How does the Assistant double engagement rate ?

  • Unmatched consistency in following up with HR heads
  • Each assistant is focused on one industry
  • Relevant success stories are sent as byte sized content to each HR head and Delivery manager.
  • Send each story at the optimized time improving chances of reading
  • Invokes a response with 100% pain point coverage
  • Invokes a response with 100% unique differentiator coverage
<b>How does the <font color=#ff7aa59>Assistant double engagement rate ?</font></b>

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