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What to expect in 1 month?

Results from some of the AI Assistant's in one month

Amruta Assistant has classified 424 leads into Hot, Warm and Cold 

A. Leads that you can safely ignore (90%+). Do not spend even a single minute of human time on them.
B. Leads where humans can focus their energy and try closing those deals

You convert more opportunities
Amruta Assistant has prioritized leads as well

3.9% Hot | 13.3% Warm | 4.4% Leads at risk
Apart from responded leads, assistant separates out leads that are Warm (those who read more than 3 emails).
Your calling team can visually see which emails were read at what time by whom, and call only the Warm leads who are now aware of your offerings (as opposed to Cold calling).

You convert more opportunities

What makes our Recruitment Sales Assistant so great for hundreds of recruitment companies ?

Assistant will convey your differentiating services to 4800 HR heads across multiple cities and nurture them for multiple months.

Even if we assume a response of 10%. i.e. 480 responses and only 1%(i.e. 48) are positive responses.

And you are able to close just 1 of those 48, ROI is achieved.

For e.g. assume Barclays has 10 positions open at any point of time.

Even closing just one of those positions gives you the ROI for the Assistant for the entire year.

Lets assume it is a Java Developer position, with ~$80K annual salary for 2-4 years experience.

Your commission from this one closure will cover the cost of the assistant for the entire year.

Generally, all our customers close minimum of 8-10 positions in first 4-6 months giving them a minimum 10X ROI.  

How does the Assistant double engagement rate ?

  • Unmatched consistency in following up with HR heads
  • Each assistant is focused on one industry
  • Relevant success stories are sent as byte sized content to each HR head and Delivery manager.
  • Send each story at the optimized time improving chances of reading
  • Invokes a response with 100% pain point coverage
  • Invokes a response with 100% unique differentiator coverage 

AI Sales Assistant focuses on Lead Nurturing to convert Cold leads to Warm & Hot.

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