7Targets AI Sales Assistant packs lead engagement and nurturing capabilities into Sales. Assistant focuses on Lead Nurturing to convert cold leads to warm and HOT. This helps to double lead engagement and standardize follow-ups mimicking your strongest sales executive. Assistant writes and reads emails like a Human making her a highly reliable Sales team member. Connect HOT leads with your sales team now!.

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Add ons

7Targets Gmail Meeting Reminder Assistant

7Targets Meeting Reminder Assistant is the easy way to stay organized and never miss another important meeting

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7Targets GMail Dropped Leads Extension

Identify dropped leads from your GMail. Follow-up and reactivate using 7Targets.

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7Targets Doculens PDF Tracker

DocuLens is a tool that helps sales and marketing teams to track and understand how prospects are interacting with their PDF documents. By providing detailed insights into whether documents are being opened and which pages are being viewed, DocuLens enables teams to adjust their strategies and improve their success rate

FAQ for 7Targets Meeting Reminder Assistant

After adding the assistant addon, did you press the Run the assistant button?

If not pressed the UI should have a Run the assistant button. If pressed then it will have the Stop the assistant button.

Assistant does not send meeting reminders for meetings where you are not the organizer

Meeting reminders are sent for only those meetings that are coming up in the next 1 hour. For meetings with no participants other than you assistant will not send the reminder. Reminders are not sent for ALL DAY meetings.

Based on the situation, the assistant will approximate the time like, ⏰️ Meeting in ~45 mins ⏰️ meeting subject