How does AI help in converting more leads into HOT leads?

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How does AI help in converting more leads into HOT leads?

Imagine you were thinking of buying a pair of shoes for a long time, so you search for it in your browser, but after searching for a few minutes you are distracted by some other work and stop the search. Now after completing all your work, you open Instagram or Facebook and start scrolling the feeds, after some time you see advertisements for shoes! Now because of these advertisements, you remember that you wanted to buy them and click on the link and order a nice comfortable pair of shoes. Well, it’s not surprising that AI sensed the text you searched for and in turn connected you with the relevant vendor. This benefitted both you and the vendor.

There is no doubt if you use AI-based technology for your product or service then definitely you’ll get a better conversion rate. There are many such ways you can increase the conversion rate with the help of AI as it has touched many areas in sales and marketing in almost every industry. It also saves you a lot of time, gives you clear insights so that you can make informed decisions, and provides many analytical and decision-making benefits.

Let’s take the Recruitment industry as an example. Sales people in the recruitment industry work on connecting with new HR heads to get empanelled as a vendor. Once they become a vendor, the initial few weeks are warm connections, and soon the account becomes stale. And forgotten. Wouldn’t it be great for a Recruitment Agency to have someone who can follow up with all existing customers to ensure they remain active and do not get into a passive state? If an AI assistant is assigned for each industry, you can get 100% repeatability in keeping existing relationships warm for every vertical.

If you haven’t read this article already, here is a quick read about how having achieved repeatability in each vertical separately can be beneficial to increase recruitment business revenue [with the help of AI].


There are many such processes in the sales pipeline that consume a lot of human time and resources. If you can try to make some of those repeatable, you can win more potential customers. So, lets us now explore how 7Targets AI Assistant can help you to increase the conversion of leads into HOT leads.

Can AI write better subject lines than humans?

Well, there is no doubt that the first interaction with your leads to create interest for your service is the subject line. If your subject lines aren’t precise and appealing enough then the lead will not take the effort to open the email at all and never know about your service. You have already spent on buying those email addresses of target personas (or have spent a lot of manual hours) and just because you didn’t write a good subject line you might be losing customers which can be a major potential opportunity loss altogether.

Even though you think of writing it yourself at the expense of your time, you will come up with a few good subject line for a few verticals but one cannot always come up with subject lines which are short, crisp and at the same time appealing too. Our AI Assistant can always create numerous such subject lines that are industry-specific, short, engaging within no time, and that too with a human touch.

The benefit of using an AI Assistant is that it generates dynamic subject lines which reduce chances of emails from landing into spam. Also, the assistant further nurtures the leads by attaching relevant success stories with those emails that helps to increase the response rate too! You save a lot of time which can be now used for more value-added tasks rather than spending it on a boring and mundane task.

Can AI optimize send time to get high open rates?

There is no doubt that subject lines are the primary ways to attract the leads towards your service but one more way to gain their attention and make them open your email is by being on the top emails in your leads inbox.

This can be a small but very crucial step in increasing open rates. The AI assistant sends the email at such a time that it has a better chance of opening. The assistant learns this from the lead’s behavior and adapts the sending of the next email close to the time when the lead may have opened the earlier email. This ensures that your email is among the top few emails in the lead’s inbox. AI does this for every single lead of yours. If your email is in the first few emails in the inbox, then there are high chances that the lead will open it.

You cannot expect a human to remember the ‘most likely time’ each lead opens emails.

With this small upgrade, you will get better open rates.

Can AI reschedule follow-ups based on out-of-office responses just like a human?

No one wants to send an email to a person when he or she isn’t available. If you send the email when the lead is out-of-office, when he or she returns there is a pile of emails with your email somewhere in between. This reduces the chances of your email being opened.

Our AI assistant can read and understand out-of-office responses and can reschedule the next follow-up email according to the date mentioned by the lead. It can also sense Call back later replies such as ‘Let’s connect back after 2 months’, ‘Let’s connect in April’, etc. Here as well, human sales need not spend his time on administrative responses. AI reads such emails and automatically reschedules the next email connection to be sent in the specified week.

One of the biggest advantages of this is you will never forget to followup irrespective of what date is mentioned by the lead, be it even after 6 months or two years! These are the leads who are actually interested in your service and just want you to contact them at a later date and you don’t want to lose them by not following up with them on the mentioned date.

You can explore the features of assistant here.


Can AI Validate the email addresses without human intervention?

We all know verifying email addresses is a very important process in email marketing. It helps to reduce email bounces protecting your sender reputation or else you might end up getting blocked by your ESP! Validating email addresses regularly gives you clear insights into the behavior of your actual leads, you get accurate metrics, you save money on invalid email IDs too. Also, a huge number of email IDs become invalid annually, and updating your Email Address list helps to keep a clean database at all times.

AI assistant does this job regularly without you needing to set the interval to validate the email addresses. You never have to worry about the number of bounced emails, your sender reputation, or even about spam issues.

Can AI classify Hot and warm leads from cold leads?

Now you have an AI assistant who writes engaging subject lines, composes to the point follow-up emails, optimizes send time, validates email IDs, reads and understands the basic replies, and follows up accordingly but then you have to go through the email trail of every lead to know that these many leads haven’t opened the email, these many opened, and these are the leads who have responded positively.

This is one of the most important features of our AI assistant of classifying HOT, warm, and cold leads. Among all the leads there are 3-4% of leads who are interested in setting up a meeting and you want to spend most of your time on these 3-4% of leads only. Allow AI Assistant to on the leads who haven’t opened the emails even once.

Also, it is important to monitor key metrics. You get exact percentages of how leads are reacting to the emails i.e. opening, not opening, and responding. This can help you decide which campaigns are more successful. And which campaigns need a change of messaging. And did the change of messaging help? That simply means you can make informed decisions.

Can AI save you from losing a potential customer?

One of the best features of our AI assistant is that it does everything to save you from losing a potential customer.

AI assistant can read positive responses where leads ask for meetings. 7Targets assistant marks them as HOT leads and sends instant notifications to human sales on WhatsApp and also on email to ensure sales people look into it immediately. Not replying to the positive response soon enough might cost you your potential customer. Even after the immediate notification from the assistant about the positive response, if the human sales fail to contact the lead, the assistant will follow up with the human every 3 days automatically to ensure this HOT lead does not fall through the cracks. Even if some sales managers are not focusing on each lead in sales weekly calls, the assistant can help in ensuring all HOT leads are followed up.

Without 7Targets assistants, human sales would have to go to a CRM or a calendar or a diary and set a reminder for themselves to call the lead back. Most sales misplace such information and a good lead can fall through the cracks. 7Targets assistants do everything possible to prevent such lead drops.

To sum up, by introducing an AI assistant into your sales pipeline and handing over the responsibility of all the initial conversations to the AI Assistant - till the leads are classified as HOT - can save you a lot of time. This time can be directed towards closing deals. It spares you from replying to all the administrative responses, creates a healthy sales pipeline, you can always make decisions based on accurate metrics, and most importantly, never lets any of your potential customers fall through the cracks, ever!

Feel free to try out the 7 days free trial of our AI assistant and see how it can be beneficial for your business!


Sanju is a serial entrepreneur. 2 decades of experience. Loves automating stuff. Recent obsession is around adding intelligence in marketing and sales solutions. He is currently focusing on a simple but very important problem of figuring out the best ways to intelligently respond to leads on time (not too fast, and not too late) to help get a meeting. His new mission is ‘Personalisation at scale for all at reasonably low cost’. Background: Developer. Founded and sold Opex Software/REAN cloud to Hitachi Vantara. Was lucky to be a contributor in the $950m DoD Cloud deal (pre JEDI deal).


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