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What you get

7Targets AI Sales Assistant is created as a user in Zoho CRM.
Contacts and Deals from Zoho CRM can be assigned to 7Targets AI Sales Assistant directly within Zoho. AI Assistant will then own the lead, communicate and nurture to try and get the meeting. Assistant will update the communication details (emails) in Zoho for each contact or deal she/he is nurturing.

One important point to note, after AI Assistant is done with her job, she will assign the lead back to the original owner.

Setup Details

Important Note : Zoho Admin level access is required to create a new user for Assistant in Zoho. Org Admin access on 7Targets is required to sync the Assistant User from Zoho.

If not already installed the extension yet then Install from Zoho Marketplace. After installing, the extension will open a new tab page where you will have to authorize 7Targets to connect with Zoho CRM. If you are already connected to Zoho via some other Assistant in 7Targets then you are already authorized.

You can check it from “Settings”->”CRM Details”. Meaning of the status on the CRM Details page is explained below in the page.

Once Authorization is complete, follow below steps for further configuration. Assign to Assistant

1. If not yet signed up or invited and created an Assistant in 7Targets. Please refer Signup. If user is already created then complete the onboarding of the user by creating the Assistant

2. Create a user in Zoho for your Assistant’s email id. You can get the Assistant email id from the Edit Assistant page. Below screenshot show how to copy Assistant’s email id.
Assistant's email

3. Go to “Settings”->”CRM Details” in 7Targets. By clicking the Refresh button lets verify if the Assistant user is created in Zoho and we are ready to move ahead. Against each Assistant you will see the CRM Integration Status. CRM Integration Status

Meaning of CRM Integration Status:
ASSISTANT_EXISTS_AS_USER_IN_CRM : You are all set. Go ahead and assign the contact or deal from Zoho to the Assistant user in Zoho. That contact or deal should be seen as lead in 7Targets in few seconds. Assistant should also update the note for the contact or deal that she is going to work on it.
ALL_WORKING_WELL : All set, it is working well for you. You have already assigned contact or deal in Zoho to the Assistant and she is working on it too.
ASSISTANT_DOES_NOT_EXISTS_AS_USER_IN_CRM : Go back to step 2 above. If still facing issues drop an email to support@7targets.com.
ASSISTANT_NOT_YET_CREATED : Follow Step 1 onwards.

4. Verify in 7Targets that your Assistant has a Default Context. It is available on Edit Assistant page. Default context is used by the Assistant to write an email. You can check how the context is used by Assistant when writing an email. Just try to add a new lead from 7Targets. Other default values can be filled too. Default Context

5. Copy the schedules from 7Targets to Zoho. If you intend to provide the Schedule while the contact/deal is assigned to the Assistant in Zoho, then the schedules from 7Targets has to be copied in Zoho’s field 7Targets Schedule. This will then appear as a drop down and you can select the required schedule.

If you do not provide any schedule then the assistant default schedule will be picked.

6. You are all set, assign a contact/deal in Zoho to the Assistant user and verify that you see that lead in 7Targets in the “Leads” page. Assign to Assistant

7. If you intend to pass context to the lead from Zoho then use the custom field named “7Targets Context” for Contacts or Deals in Zoho. With this, when you assign the contact/deal to Assistant user and if there is any context provided for this contact/deal then Assistant will use that else it will use the default context at the Assistant level in 7Targets. Context from Zoho

Feel free to reach out to support@7targets.com for any help required in setup

How it works

  • After the contact or deal in Zoho is assigned to the Assistant user in Zoho, Assistant will own it for nurturing. Assistant will use the default Schedule and Context as configured in 7Targets.
  • Assistant will leave a note of confirmation like below image for the assigned contact or deal. Confirmation Note from Assistant
  • All the emails that Assistant sends or receives are logged in Zoho too. Like in below image. Logged Email by Assistant
  • After Assistant is done with her work, the contact or deal is assigned back to the previous owner. For example, if there is a response from the lead, then Assistant will stop further emails and assign it back to the previous owner.

Can I provide the context from Zoho while assigning the contact or deal to the assistant?
Yes. 7Targets adds a 7Targets_Context field to the Zoho Contact and Deal and you can provide the value for it from Zoho. If a value is provided then Assistant uses that instead of the default Context.
Can I see the 7Targets Lead status in Zoho?
Yes. 7Targets adds a field 7Targets_Lead_Connection_Status to the Zoho Contact and Deal and Assistant will keep it updated as the lead turn from Cold to Warm to Hot. You can add this field to your view or filter on it as required.

Re-assignment of Zoho Contact or Deal

Re-assignment of a contact/deal from Zoho would not be picked by the Assistant for processing. This is to avoid accidental re-assignments, when user does multiple select and assign to the Assistant in Zoho.
In such a scenario, Assistant would leave a note and assign the contact/deal back to the previous owner.

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