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Benefits of AI Assistant

7Targets AI Assistants enhances the sales and marketing productivity of businesses. It is a Virtual SDR in your Sales team.

Key values:

  • You do not need to drop unimportant leads because of time constraints. You can now follow-up 100% of your leads from events like FRO using an Artificially Intelligent Sales Assistant.
  • You can name the assistant whatever you want - Rachel, Ashley - these assistant names work beautifully in the US.
  • Our AI assistant automatically recognizes out-of-office email and follows up after the person is back in office using our natural language processing algorithms.
  • The assistant does not take any leaves and never asks for a raise.
  • You never lose the knowledge that is put inside the Assistant.
  • The assistant works 24x7 and in all time zones.
  • AI Assistant acts like a real team member that utilizes Natural Language Processing like Google smart reply to send automated emails.
  • Moreover, emails are created with the help of minimal information provided and tailored accordingly for the target prospect. Not only this, it allows the follow ups can classify leads as HOT, WARM or COLD lead depending upon their responses. With an option to let you customize the email sending sequence and message.

Questions answered

  • How AI Assistant works ?
  • What do I do after sign-up ?


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