Add Lead

Add Lead

What is a Lead ?

  • A Valid email address is one lead. Invalid email ids are not counted in your total leads count.

Leads can be added or assigned to the assistant in multiple ways. Let’s look at how easy it is to add one Lead.

Type the email address of the lead. Your can type your own email as first lead to get a feel of how it works. Change the First and Last name if required. Type the phone number if you have one.

Tell your Assistant where did you get the lead from. Assistant will use this to write the connecting sentence in the email.

Provide more context for the Assistant to use in the email. This is what is your lead’s Need.

More Information is a 1 or 2 line message, which you do not want the Assistant to change. Primarily a way to communicate Trust and Authority.

Review the emails written by the Assistant and you are done, click Add Lead. Unless you want to change the sequence or time of sending the email.

You are set. Wasn’t it simple to get your own assistant and assign a lead. You may want to let few emails come to you before you respond back to Assistant to understand how Assistant handles the response from a lead.

Select Custom Message

If you want to select a specific message overriding the one from the selected sequence, click on the Select Message icon in the email preview section.

This brings up the list of custom messages available to you. Select any one of them and it will override the message from the selected sequence.

This ability to select the custom message is available while adding lead and while editing a specific message from the Timeline view.

Questions answered

  • What is a Lead ?
  • Can I select a saved Custom Message while adding lead ?


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