7Targets AI Sales Assistant packs lead engagement and nurturing capabilities into Sales. Assistant focuses on Lead Nurturing to convert cold leads to warm and HOT. This helps to double lead engagement and standardize follow-ups mimicking your strongest sales executive. Assistant writes and reads emails like a Human making her a highly reliable Sales team member. Connect HOT leads with your sales team now!.

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7Targets AI Sales Assistant Vs Reply

AI sales assistants or virtual sales assistants is a software that helps automate the sales processes using artificial intelligence.

These AI sales tools help sales reps in mundane and routine tasks. These AI assistants save sales reps a lot of time from the routine work so they have more time to focus on meetings with leads and closing the deal.

AI in sales is helping to get consistency and reliability in the Sales process. AI Sales Assistant market is growing and each product is taking its perspective to provide value for their customer.

So, how do you identify sales assistant software from others? There are many AI sales assistant software and not all software are equal.

Below is an honest attempt to compare Reply and 7Targets AI Sales Assistant.